Dusty Slay is a Nashville-based comedian who has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Last Comic Standing, and loads more. Variety Magazine calls him one of the Top Comics to Watch in 2019. He's one of the funniest comics out there and you absolutely must check him out. In this episode, we have a good time with Dusty Slay.

Billboard Magazine calls Maddie Ross's new album *Never Have I Ever* "an awesome pop rock flashblack debut LP." Maddie calls into the show to discuss her new album, life on the road with KT Tunstall, and Trenton's farts. Afterward, Trenton and Jesse get sentimental about their previous life in a failed punk rock band and they play a couple of of their old songs.

The previous episode sucked. And it ends really quickly without much explanation. After the episode ended, Trenton and Jesse kept recording. We're gonna play the behind the scenes episode for you to let you know that we know that the previous episode sucked. The guy was nice. The interview was nice. But there was something about his voice that put Trenton in a really bad mood. This is just Trenton and Jesse shooting the shit for a little bit longer. We hope you enjoy the behind the scenes audio. Enjoy!

Producer/Director of the new Scary Stories Documentary Cody Meirick hangs with the guys to discuss the insanely popular cult book series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Available now on VOD & DVD. Trenton is in a funk while the boys discuss hairless guinea pigs. Things get awkward and the show ends abruptly.

Adult film superstar Jesse Jane hangs with the guys for a once-in-a-lifetime show! Jesse makes a huge announcement and talks about her massive, award-winning career in the adult entertainment business. The guys intro a new producer named O'Neal. And Welldagum calls into the back end of the show.

Matt from The Suitcase Junket takes a break from his tour to call into the show. The boys talk music, art, and opossum privates. Don't miss this one. Listen now!

Cult comedy icon Kevin McDonald calls into the show! Kevin Mcdonald is a member of the influential comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall and is the mind behind Kevin Mcdonald's The Kevin Mcdonald Show. Trenton and Jesse chat comedy and music with Kevin. This is an amazing show. You don't want to miss it. Be sure and check out Kevin's upcoming tour dates and subscribe to his podcast below.

The folks behind the viral sensation The VelociPastor call into the show for an amazing hang. Writer/Director Brendan Steere, and stars of The Velocipastor Greg Cohen and Alyssa Kempinski join Trenton and Jesse to chat about their upcoming movie The VelociPastor!

Trenton and Jesse get stood up by an LA superstar celebrity... TWICE. Who stood them up? Any guesses? In this episode, Trenton and Jesse rant a bunch about their missing guest and then talk about the measles. And Welldagum surprises the show.

Trenton and Jesse hang with the talented and beautiful Ashley Resch. Ashley is an Internationally Published Model, Model Coach & Mentor and the Owner of Reach with Resch & Boss Babe Movement. She has been published over 75 times by publications like Sports Illustrated, The Chive, BroBible, Barstool Sports and many more. Enjoy!

Trenton and Jesse hang with Natalie and Dave Sideserf from Sideserf Cake Studio. This is an amazing episode. Natalie and Dave are hilarious. And they are cake geniuses. How do they do the magical things they do with CAKE?! Want to see Prison Mike in cake form? Check them out!

Some of Jesse's family stopped by the studio this week! Jesse's mom, Linda, Jesse's sister, Marilyn, and Marilyn's boyfriend, Wyatt, stop by the studio to hang with Trenton and Jesse. This is Part 2 of a very special TWO PART episode, the epic conclusion. More alcohol is consumed. Jesse's dog pooped in his childhood bed (which we think explains a lot) and we teach you how to grapefruit your man. Download and listen right now. Do it.

Some of Jesse's family stopped by the studio this week! Jesse's mom, Linda, Jesse's sister, Marilyn, and Marilyn's boyfriend, Wyatt, stop by the studio to hang with Trenton and Jesse. This is Part 1 of a very special TWO PART episode. Lots of ground gets covered. And some family secrets get revealed. Download and listen right now.

Private chef extraordinaire Tracy Pereira joins Trenton and Jesse in a very special episode of the 2 Dumb For This show. They talk food, Australia, and private parts. Listen now!

The one, the only Mike Bocchetti joins Trenton and Jesse on this very special episode of the 2 Dumb For This show. The guys talk food, the Civil War, and Dances with Wolves. You don't want to miss this one! Also, Josh and Liz from Colorado call the show.



Trenton used to do WHAT in the pool?! In "Brackle Dackle," Trenton and Jesse take calls from Josh in Colorado and Todd in Iowa. Todd's mom is a good sport. And he has a cat with a dick for a nose. Well, at least we THINK it's a cat. Jesse pukes. Trenton pukes. Overall, it's a pretty normal 2 Dumb For This show. Enjoy!



WARNING: This episode contains spoilers and graphic content. Children should not listen to this episode, or really any other of our shows for that matter. Trenton and Jesse spend an entire episode talking about the shocking NETFLIX documentary, Abducted in Plain Sight. It's a must-see. Watch it before you listen to this episode. There WILL be spoilers. You've been warned. Now enjoy the show!!



Trenton celebrates a birthday! What did his wife get for him? I dunno, you'll have to listen to find out. But it's something BIG. Jesse gets pissy with smartphones. And the boys get trapped in a closet with R Kelly.



Join Trenton and Jesse as they embark on the first 2 DUMB FOR THIS show of 2019. There's lots to catch up on - Trenton has a huge announcement about his face, a brand new fatberg has been discovered (you won't believe the size of this thing), and the guys discuss the 2019 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees.



Trenton and Jesse are back after three weeks of fever, vomiting, and the shits. And they come back with a vengeance. Listen as they take you behind the scenes of Destroy Dick December, 12 Hump Street, and the rising problem of touchy teachers.

Episode #23 - You Smell Like Prestige and Semen

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Things get extra squirrely in Episode #23 of the 2 Dumb For This Podcast. Trenton and Jesse talk about artificial intelligence blowjobs, hidden tribes of people on lost islands, and the hunt for life on Mars.

Episode #22 - Thanksgiving Special (Part 2)

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Happy Thanksgiving! We have a heaping pile of dumb for you with the exciting conclusion on our first very special TWO PART Thanksgiving special. Download this episode, unbutton the top button on your pantalones, and share this shit with your grammy.

Episode #21 - Thanksgiving Special (Part 1)

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Part 1 of the 2 Dumb For This Thanksgiving Special is out now! Relax with the boys as they talk about pies, black friday, and fighting turkeys. Enjoy!

EPISODE #20 - Introducing Iron Hole

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Trenton and Jesse brainstorm their own original super hero named Iron Hole. They also discuss No Nut November, dangerous animals in Australia, and Crispr gene editing. Download it, enjoy it, and share it with friends.

EPISODE #19 - Take Your Dum Dums and Shove ‘Em Up Your Bum Bum

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Like Halloween? Like 90s music? You’re gonna LOVE Episode #19.

EPISODE #18 - Huge Fireman’s Hose, The Lottery, and The Fatberg

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What would you do if you won the $1.6 BILLION lottery? Trenton and Jesse here have a few ideas here in Episode #18 of the 2 Dumb For This Podcast. Trenton also tells the story about a recent dong he has seen and Jesse makes Trenton puke with a graphic description of a FATBERG. Listen now!

EPISODE #17 - Never Put Your Mouth on a Glory Hole

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In Episode 17, Jesse bakes himself into a coma, Trenton gets irate about everybody's lack of common sense, and the boys learn something special about themselves.

EPISODE #16 - Call our new studio line 512-333-1608


In Episode #16, Trenton and Jesse get a new studio telephone line and talk about cool stuff. Enjoy!

Episode #15 - Natural Disasters, Bert and Ernie, and Swedish Metal Aid


In Episode #15, Trenton and Jesse talk about getting torn limb by limb by a pack of wolves, the culture war of Bert and Ernie, and all of the hairspray it took to launch Swedish Metal Aid. Enjoy!

Episode #14 - Soaked from the Bone


In Episode #14, Trenton and Jesse launch a new site, get a donation, and talk about freedom of speech! Trenton needs a new mattress because he banged the other one broke. Will he buy a sleep number? Who knows?! Listen and find out.

Episode #13 - Do you toss your own salads?


In Episode #13, Trenton and Jesse discuss Chuck Norris, insurance premiums, and why you should never ever send your food back at a restaurant. You're gonna love it. Share this one with your friends.

Episode #12 - 2 Swingin' For This


In Episode #12, the boys have a swingin' good time talking about Paul Flart and Carrot Top. Jesse reveals he would make an excellent house wife and they discuss John McCain and Robin Leach. Enjoy!

Episode #11 - AI Sex Robots, Face Transplants, and Somebody Pooped in the Bed


In episode #11, Trenton and Jesse discuss AI powered sex robots, sea monsters, and face transplants. They also get to the BOTTOM (he he get it?) of who may or may not have pooped in the bed.

Episode #10 - Wet Toilet Paper Makes Me Dry Heave (SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY EDITION)


In Episode #6, Trenton dry heaves... A LOT. The boys go live on Twitter in an attempt to be more engaging on social media. And they can't stop singing "MMM MMM MMM MMM."

Episode #9 - Boobs vs. Butts


In Episode 9, Jesse recaps his recent experience attending an Offspring concert, the boys do some hard hitting investigative journalism regarding the paradigm shift that occurred in August of 2013 when butts officially outpaced boobs in Google searches, and Trenton discusses what his life would be like if he were a pretty lady.

Episode #8 - Pork 'n Puddin'


In Episode 8, Trenton and Jesse take you back to some of their drinkin' days. The boys share their stories of puking after eating an insane amount of pudding, tipping over a porta potty, and headlining a concert where nobody showed up.

Episode #7 - Smashing Pumpkins, Gag Reflexes, and Unwanted Boners


In Episode 7, Trenton and Jesse discuss the Smashing Pumpkins, gag reflexes, and unwanted boners.

Episode #6 - Cocksmetics, RAD, and the Last Blockbuster


In Episode 6, Trenton and Jesse discuss the 80s BMX movie RAD, the last standing Blockbuster, and their new line of cocksmetics products. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn and more. Visit to listen to the archive.

Episode #5 - Birthdays, Cosplay, and Life After Death


Hey, you. Yes, you. Listen up! In Episode 5, the boys get deep on ya! They discuss birthdays, cosplay, and life after death. What happens when Trenton finds a UHF poster at a nerd convention? What is Jesse eating in the mic? And what happens when we die? Trenton and Jesse explain it all. So get that cheese log outta your ears you crusty SOBs and subscribe to the show. This one! And turn it up as loud as possible.

Episode #4 - Ignore The First Three Episodes


In Episode 4, Trenton and Jesse finally get their shit together. They try out their new recording technique and we must say it sounds pretty sweeeeet. But we're not biased or anything. Listen for yourself. Enjoy the show.

Episode #3 - Havin' a Roni


In Episode 3, Trenton and Jesse discuss live concerts, camping disasters, Joe Jackson, and Vanilla Ice.

Episode #2 - New Intro Music and Other Super Important Things


In Episode 2, Trenton and Jesse add super cool intro music to the show and discuss popular music, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the advantage of listening to books on tape. Find out what's inside of Jesse's trunk. Listen now.

Episode #1 - The Pilot


In the pilot episode of 2 Dumb For This, Trenton and Jesse knock some of the rust loose by talking about Trenton's recent honeymoon, alien invaders, and the advantage of threatening to poop on floors.