10 All-Time Amazing GIFs from 80s Movies

We’ve got them all folks. Here are ten of our favorite GIFs from some of the best 80s movies of all time.

Who remembers this little guy? I don’t know why he caused so much trouble. He’s just a puppet.

Or this fucker? I had nightmares for months. I think I pooped something out that looked like his face.

I think I know what she’s thinking… she’s thinking his hair is ridiculous. She’s definitely not thinking dirty thoughts.

MCFLY!!! To be able to go back in time to almost bang your mom… not for me. But the car was cool.

Sometimes you just feel like dancin’ like a weirdo.

This is how I end every business meeting.

I’m the fifth kid. The smart one who stayed home and played video games. I don’t want leaches on my dick.

Just three dudes staring inside of a crib. Nothing to see here, folks…

The perks of having an uncle with a blue clown nose and an eating disorder.

Dry Humpin’ rocks. That’s all I have to say about that.

Jesse Atwell