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  • “It’s Wayne’s World meets Beavis & Butt-Head meets Bill & Ted.”

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    Trenton and Jesse have known each other for nearly thirty years. They grew up together in the same small town in the middle of Kansas. They’re like brothers, but not related by blood. Even though they’re like brothers, they couldn’t be more different. Trenton has a sensitive gag reflex and likes guns, burgers, and babes. He podcasts with a banjo and a high-flying American flag behind his desk. Jesse is a free-thinking vegan hippie who cries a lot. We actually think he has a low T problem and might be turning into a lady.


    Throughout the decades, Trenton and Jesse have dreamed of becoming everything from rock stars to Hollywood film writers to lowly pin monkeys… and everything in between. Every few years, they cooked up another plan. Another creative endeavor. Another project to achieve world domination.


    And they failed at each and every single attempt at success.


    Burned out and broke, they launched the 2 Dumb For This Podcast in 2018.


    And it’s working…


    The 2 Dumb For This Podcast has listeners in over thirty countries across the world. And the show’s fanbase is rapidly growing. Every. Single. Month.


    But don’t take our word for it, read what some listeners have to say about the show.


    • Kids in the Hall star Kevin McDonald
    • Netflix’s The Perfection writer/director Richard Shepard
    • Food Network stars Natalie and Dave Sideserf
    • Adult film superstar Jesse Jane
    • Producer/Director Brendan Steere
    • Comedian Mike Bocchetti


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